Interprofessional Education at FMHS

The strategic importance of Interprofessional Education (IPE) activities

Modern healthcare is multidisciplinary by nature. IPE has been recognised as an important innovation in improving the performance of multidisciplinary teams in terms of a wide range of non-technical skills, such as communication, teamwork, and leadership, and in helping to meet future workforce demands. These improvements will ultimately improve the quality and safety of patient care. As such IPE activities are promoted by key organisations such as Health Workforce New Zealand, the Australian Health Workforce Institute, and the WHO World Committee on Interprofessional Education & Collaborative Practice. IPE is seen as especially valuable in the practice of primary healthcare, and in rural and remote healthcare. The University of Auckland’s Faculty IPE subcommittee aims to promote and support IPE activities within the Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences.

Why do IPE?

IPE is an integrated and importance element of many courses at FMHS, and is designed to give participants the kinds of insight into the skills and roles of others that are essential for effective teamwork in the real world. See these insights for yourself in the below content from activities at FMHS involving students in Nursing, Medicine, Pharmacy, Paramedicine, Speech Language Therapy, Dietetics, and Optometry & Vision Science.

What IPE activities are available?

Māori Health Intensive and Quality and Safety Week are two of the largest IPE activities at the Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences, but there are many more. Browse through the interactive list of IPE activities below.

How do I engage others?

The IPE committee at Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences has created an Engagement Document, which is aligned with faculty strategies, has been endorsed by various faculty groups, and which underscores the strategic importance of IPE for the future healthcare workforce in New Zealand. This may be used to defend and reinforce the value of IPE activities with the Faculty. The IPE committee has also created a Guidance Document, intended to assist in the planning and setting up of new IPE activities. This document discusses some of the most common challenges, key points to consider and pitfalls to avoid. This document also emphases the importance of considering how your IPE activity will be evaluated, since demonstrating value is an important aspect of long term success.

Who is the faculty IPE committee?

IPE SubCommittee Terms of Reference